The Journey Flow v2


Promotion Agreement

A fully aligned partnership with the Landowner for a fixed term to achieve a highly productive planning permission. All costs can be carried at Picardy’s risk up until a managed sale of the land on the open market.

Option Agreement

Alternative option to the above process and can be suitable in some specific cases. An Option Agreement includes a commitment for the promoter/developer to purchase once planning is achieved at an agreed price.

Planning Process / Application

The Picardy team typically seek to submit a planning application within 6 months of signing any agreement. Working with professional consultants, statutory Authorities and industry contacts we navigate the planning process for the Landowner with regular reporting.

Permission Granted & Sale

Picardy Land take on the role to sell the land working in alignment with the Landowner to achieve the best value. Fees for the landowner remain at zero until completion stage where we take a negotiated fee for our services to date, typically 15-20% of the sale value.